"From the standpoint of daily life, there is one thing we do know:
That man is here for the sake of other men." ~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ecuador Bathroom Project

Here is some information on a project that our club helped on a couple of years ago and are happy to be helping with again this year. 

International Project in Ecuador                                November 31, 2012
            This is general information for clubs which have made a commitment or have shown interest in the Ecuador School Bathrooms project. 
                  Last year our Murray Rotary Club along with about 11 other clubs took on a major project in Equador and Columbia to provide restrooms for 48 village schools that had extremely poor restrooms or no real restroom  This all started when global grants were  introduced  to do large projects  but were limited to pilot districts.  100 districts were chosen  from all over the world.   To qualify, a pilot district here had to work with a pilot district in the project area and had to raise the first $10,000 toward the project.  Then matching grants from the district and Rotary International  would be added when the application was approved. Thus, typically this would increase the total to over $50,000.  Then if  corporate sponsors were found to match the Rotary fund,  the total amount could  go over $100,000. Each restroom building with fixtures along with clean water,  education, drain field, etc. costs about $4,500.
                  None of the pilot districts were located in Mexico but districts in Equador and Columbia were.  The districts in those countries had been providing restrooms for some village schools but at a very slow pace.  So the idea was raised that if their districts and our district got together  using a global grant that many restrooms could be provided each year.  Jerry Summerhays and Fred Berthrong visited districts in those 2 countries in late 2009 to investigate the starting of a global grant.   So 3 global grants were applied for;  one for Columbia with the Sugarhouse Club ; one for Equador with the Logan Club;  and one for  educational requirements for both  countries with the Murray Club.   That project has been ongoing since last year and is nearly completed.  Jerry and Cherie Summerhays  visited  both countries in mid November  to see how the project is finishing.  The leaders from the districts there have been overseeing the project and doing a great job.  29 village schools in Equador now have, or shortly will have, restrooms with clean water and people who have been trained to maintain them.
  They are so pleased with the results that they have asked us to do this project again.  Since all of the educational materials are already available, that part will be included in the next 2 global grants.  The Sugarhouse Club will oversee Columbia and the Murray Club will oversee Equador  while the Logan Club is moving back to a project in Peru.
So to start the new project, we need to raise $10,000 by July 1, 2013 but must have commitments soon as several months are needed to apply for and have a global grant approved.  Our club will commit to $3,000.   We are asking any club that does not have an international project to join with us by helping to raise the $7,000 balance.  This project then becomes their project and their members would be welcome to visit Equador  next  fall when the work gets started.  Another visit is likely in 2014.  Our district has already set aside $11,000 for this project.
Money for this project can be taken from this year’s budget or next year’s budget but the commitment  to be part of this project needs to be soon so that we have time to get the global grant and interest corporate sponsors in helping.  Thanks for your commitment or interest. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our newest member Doug Langford

A warm welcome to our newest member Doug Langford.  We look forward to having new members and what they can bring to the club as well as what the club can offer them.  As always, we are looking for new members, so if know of somebody please invite them to our weekly meetings.

Dist. Governor Summerhays

A special thanks to Dist. Governor Summerhays for visiting our club this week.  It's always great to hear what's going on in the Dist. and also internationally.  He has such great insight on what we can do to make a greater impact in the world.  It's such a privilege to be part of such a great organization.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Peach Days

Thanks to all who made Peach Days a success. Pictures to come soon.

Welcome to Brigham City

After a couple years of hard work and waiting. It's finally done. It's a great addition to a great city. Special thanks to Jim Moore, Larry Boyer, and all the others who have helped with this project.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fundraising Event for the Brigham City Academy Building

A great opportunity to be involved in a fundrasing event for the Academy building.

Mexico Project Recap

August 7 we heard from three of the participants in the June Mexico house building project.

Featured speakers were Matthew Payne, student, Morgan Meiser, student, and Darren Meiser, parent/chaperone.

There were also a number of pictures shown on a slide show as members arrived and during the speakers.

Everyone involved talked of the wonderful experience and the good work that was accomplished in Mexico. This is the kind of project that will keep on giving for years to come as it will not only help the families receiving homes in the area, it will lift an entire community.

A great side note of the trip, if it can be referred to as a side note, is the formation of a new Rotary Club in Puerto Peñasco Mexico.  This will allow the ideals of Rotary to contiue to grow and be a valuable support for the community, as well as provide a solid point of contact for future projects in the area.

Monday, July 30, 2012

SaoPaulo Brazil does Rotary BIG!

Thought everyone would like to see this roundabout
located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

These guys take Rotary very seriously!!
Any chance we could get Brigham City to re-do
1100 South like this??

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday July 17 - Summer Picnic

The annual Brigham City Rotary Summer Picnic was held Tuesday evening at the beautiful Rotary Constitution Park located at 500 East 700 South. The setting was ideal, the weather was fantastic and the company was some of the best around!

Fried Chicken, Hoagie Sandwiches, Salads, Chips, Drinks, Cookies and Brownies were all on the menu and were the perfect compliment to a great evening of fellowship.

Those who were unable to make it to the picnic missed out on a fun evening.

No meeting next week as it is July 24th, Pioneer Day.

See you on the 31st!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday July 10

Good crowd out to Rotary today, including guests and visitors. June Bywater came as a gust of Brad Barber and is interested in becoming a member of the club.

Sergeant at Arms Barber took a moment to bring members up to speed about his manner of keeping a high level of decorum at meetings.  A couple of fines ensued but the best is yet to come...

Our program was arranged by Past President Paul Damon.  He introduced Wendell Droubay who shared thoughts about patriotism. 

Included in his presentation was the story of Francis Scott Key and the writing of our National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.
He also shared some history of the Executive Seal of the USA, including the siginificance of the colors of the seal.

RED: Heartiness and Valor
WHITE: Purity and Innocence
BLUE: Vigilence, Perserverance and Justice

It was a wonderful and moving presentation.  We're grateful to Mr Droubay for taking time to share with us.

Next week there will be no noon meeting as we will met at Rotary Constitution park that evening for the Family Picnic at 6:30.  Bring your family and your appetite.

In two weeks there will also be no noon meeting as it is the July 24 - Pioneer Day Holiday.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tuesday July 3, 2012

Wow! It felt like the day before the 4th of July in Rotary today! I think most Rotarians were on vacation somewhere, taking an early day off for the holiday.

President Dan hansen conducted his first meeting as Club President today.

He welcomed visitor Jake Garn - Guest of Brent Gillies.

Thanks to everyone that came out and helped with the "Welcome to Brigham City" sign.  It is really looking nice.  The Rotary logo should be attached to the rock soon.

Rotarian Brent Gillies introduced the speakers today. Jeunelle Jeffries and Chandler Wilson of the Box Elder Boys and Girls club shared information withi us about the club and its mission here in Box Elder County.
Chandler, a senior at Bear River High School, is Club Member of the Year and shared her story of how the club has been a benefit to her and helped her find and reach for her potential as an individual.

The Boys and Girls Club provides services to over 1400 K - 12 youth throughout Box Elder County including 250 youth a day at the Bunderson Center in Brigham City.

We appreciate the presentation and continue to support the Boys and Girls club.

Next week we will hear a patriotic program provided by Wendell Droubay, arranged by Paul Damon.

The CLub family picnic will be held at Rotary Constitution Park on July 17th.  6:30 pm.

No meeting on Juy 24th.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saturday June 30 - Rotary Work Day!

A group of Brigham City Rotarians showed up Saturday morning, June 30 and helped with landscaping and sod for the new "WELCOME TO BRIGHAM CITY" sign at 1100 South Main.

We got an early start and accomplished our task while the temperature was only in the low 80's.

Drive by and take a look!  It's really coming together and is a great addition to the south entrance to Brigham City.

Raking rocks is much harder than it looks!
(Felt like I was in my garden)

OK. We took a couple of breaks.

Keep those grins on, ladies!

The size of the rake made no difference.

Proof of the prevailing temperature.

Ready for the big landscape rocks and sod.

Jim Moore.  Project Engineer.

And the sod begins

What a good looking crew!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 26, 2012 Installation Banquet!

Another Rotary year has come and gone. Approximately 50 Rotarians, spouses and guests attended the annual Installation Banquet for a "changing of the guard" as our President Paul Damon passed the gavel to incoming President Dan Hansen.  The event was held at the Iron Gate Grill restaurant at the Eagle Mountain Golf Course in brigham City.

President Damon presented the club with a "year in review" and highlighted many of the accomplishments of the past year including:

  • The annual dictionary project - dictionaries for every third grader in Box Elder County
  • Peach Days Ticket Sales - Raising over $10,000 for use in projects throughout the community and internationally
  • The newest fundraiser - 5k/10k Fun Run/Walk at Mantua Dam; Raising funds for the Boys and Girls Club and the Brigham Fine Arts Center
  • Work crew at the Bike Trail east of Mantua Dam
  • Great progress on the "Welcome to Brigham City" sign at the intersection of Main and 1100 South
  • Discussions of a possible Habitat for Humanity collaboration in the future
  • Sponsorship and participants in the Mexico Project - Including the building of three houses and distribution of books and school supplies for elementary schools in Puerto Peñasco Mexico
  • 6 youth to RYLA Leadership Camp
  • 3 $500 scholarhips to local youth
President Damon also presented the Rotarian of the Year recognition and plaque to Jeff Scott for his involvement in Rotary this year as a newer Rotarian. Jeff also filled in the reminaing term as Director for Rotarian Jerry Capener as he and his wife left the area on service mission for their church.

Checks were presented to Juenelle Jeffries, Jenny Schutlz and Susan Neidert from the Boys and Girls Club and the Fine Arts Center.

Following his remarks and thanks to all involved this last year, especially the directors and committee chairs, President Damon welcomed and installed the officers for the coming year.

President Dan Hansen
President Elect Kevin Blaylock
Secretary Larry Boyer
Treasurer Jodi McFall
Directors: Eve Jones, Malone Molgard, Jeff Scott, Tere Moore

Pins, plaques, gifts and gavel were exchanged.

Incoming President Hansen thanked all for their attendance and their commitment to Rotary. He talked of his attendance at the International Convention in Bangkok and the impression it had on him as well as the friendships formed there.

He shared his goals for the coming year including:
  • Community Service project at least once a quarter
  • Partnering with neighboring clubs for an International Service Project.
  • Continuing support of the Mexico Project
  • Working to increase individual involvement in all aspects of the Club.

Many thanks were expressed to family and friends and to the members of the Brigham City Rotary Club.

Now, let's get busy!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday June 19

Our program was arranged today by Bob Thurgood.

We were honored to have Corbin Willis address us.  He is a WWII and Korean War veteran and spent time in a German concentration camp after being shot down over Europe in WWII. He shared his amazing and stirring story with us.


"When I started flying missions over Germany in July of '44, I heard there was a 91 percent attrition rate but I guess at my age I just thought I would be in the 9 percent that did make it."
His luck held out until his 22nd mission, when his plane was hit by anti-aircraft shells. He delivers a stunning story dotted with heartbreaking humor. He survived interrogation, scabies, a crippling weight loss, and a 100-mile march through the snow from one POW camp to another in Germany.
Willis's ability to survive and triumph over the experiences that followed months of hardship in overcrowded Germany POW camps, a return home to a family that thought he was dead and then service as a flight leader and test pilot in Korea are a testament to his faith, courage and belief in the future.
To view and read his handwritten account, check out this site:
We are grateful for the opportunity to hear from Mr Willis and salute him for his service and dedication to this great nation.
Don't miss the Installation Banquet next Tuesday evening at the Iron Gate Grill.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mexico Trip a great success!!

We returned Saturday night from our weeklong trip to Mexico where we participated in the building of three houses, distributed books and school supplies to elementary schools, held a cultural exchange with the elementary school children, and delivered shoes to a local orphanage.

If that wasn't enough, a number of the Rotarians in attendance also participated in the forming a new Rotary Club in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico!


Rather than post a bunch more photos to this site, I'll give you links to a blog and Facebook page that have lots of pictures and info about the trip

The Sonoran Resorts Blog with a great write up of the project:


Search "Interact District 5420" on Facebook for lots and lots of pictures!

We want to extend a big thank you to the Brigham City Rotary Club and its members for your donations and support.  You made the trip possible for our participants and made a difference in an entire community!

Time for some Catch Up!

Once again I must apologize for my absence and not getting the blog updated. It has been a wild spring with traveling and the Mexico Service Project.  Hopefully I'm home to stay for a while now. (Or maybe I shouldn't be so hopeful... ;)

May the 5th we heard from Norm Bateman of Questar Gas as he presented a very informative program about home energy audits. It is amazing the capabilities Questar has for reviewing energy usage and providing suggestions for saving money throughout the year. Ann Henderson arranged for the program.  Thanks to Ann for setting this up and to Norm for his information.

May the 12th was our annual Rotarians and Daughters Luncheon. Eve Jones arranged for the program and we were delighted to welcome Michael and Vanessa Ballam who presented a preview of the upcoming shows with the Utah Festival Opera!

Just goes to show that attendance at Rotary is well worth your time!

May 19th we are scheduled to hear from Mr Corbin Willis as he shares his experiences as a POW in WWII.

May 26th is our annual Installation Banquet at the Iron Gatee Grill at Eagle Mountain Golf Course.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sports Month Continues...

We were pleased to have Beth Gurrister, chair of the Scholarship Committee, introduce our Scholarship winners.  We heard briefly from Lexi Payne, Collin Shakespear and Whitney Collins. Great young people with a great future ahead of them.  We're so excited to hear of their enthusism and future plans.  Good luck to each of them as they continue their education.

President Paul Damon announced a number of Club donations including funds to the Mexico Trip group and the Boys & Girls Club/Fine Arts Center money raised at our 5k/10k run.

Bob Duke introduced Richard "Smitty" Smith, Director of Basketball Relations for the Utah Jazz, who gave us an update of the team, where they've been and where they are heading in the future.

Thanks to Bob and to Smitty for this informative presentation.

Next week, Ann Henderson has arranged for a representative from Questar Gas to present to the club.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May 22

Last week, May 15th, Malone Molgard arranged for USU Athletic Director Scott Barnes to speak to us.

He addressed us about the various athletic programs and some of the excitement for the future of USU athletics.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Eagle View Trails project at Mantua Dam on Saturday.  We had about 12 from the club wielding picks, hoes, shovels and rakes helping dig new bike trails for the project.  This is a great project and we will look to be involved again in the fall.

Today was our semi annual clean up at Constitution Park. We had a few Rotarians in attendance that made a sweep of the park and gave it a good once over.

Next week, Bob Davis has arranged to have Richard "Smitty" Smith of the Utah Jazz speak to us.

In two weeks the program is arranged by Ann Henderson.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012

My apologies for being blatantly absent again for a couple of weeks.  One of these days I need to get someone to fill in while I'm out. 

Today's meeting started out with a couple of visitors.  Brad Barber brought Ross Stanton, Assistant Manager of Brigham City Zions Bank.  Bruce Vellinga brought Brandon Broadhead.  Great to have the two of you visiting with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Eve Jones shared some great news regarding grant money received to help improve the bike trail above Mantua resevoir.  She then challenged Rotarians to join a group that will be spending time on the trail on May 19.  Bring your working gloves as well as shovels, rakes, grubbing hoes and picks to help extend the trail.  This will be a great local project to put our muscle into.

Also, Tere Moore talked about the literacy project that will be taking place as part of thee Mexico Service Project trip this year. We are loking to provide books for a school library in Peurto Peñasco mexico this June.  Anyone interested in helping out by donating boks, school supplies or money, please conatct Tere Moore or Brad Barber!

Rotarian Bob Davis introduced our speaker, Mike Sanford, Assistant Head Football Coach at Utah State University. Coach Stanford shared consdierable information about the football program at USU and the positive outlook for the program as they move into the Mountain West Conference.

Mike has a long and distinguished coaching career spanning 34 years and including a number of prestigious schools: Army, Purdue, USC, Notre Dame, Stanford, U of U, UNLV U of Louisville as well as some time with the San Diego Chargers.  He is now working closely with Coach Greg Andersen with our own Utah State Aggies!

We appreciate Coach Stanford and his presentation today.

Next week, Malone Molgard continues "USU month" as he brings USU Athletics Director Scott Barnes to speak to the club.

April 28, 2012

We had a great turnout to the 5K 10K run around the dam in Mantua. Aproximately 68 runners/walkers and others took occasion to make the trek and participate, raising funds for the Brigham City Fine Arts Center and Boys & Girls Club.

A big thanks goes out to Dan Hansen and Malone Molgard for their hard work and to all the Rotarians that came up to the dam and helped make this years run/walk a success.

What a perfect location for a great benefit run!

Now, if we can double the number of participants again next year....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Today was our annual Administrative Assistants Luncheon. Plenty of guests came to enjoy the program today.

Ken Kennedy introduced the program since Dr Dave Lewis was unable to attend and do so himself.

We were treated to songs and information about the current play at Heritage Community Theatre. "Lucky Stiff" will run for four weeks at the heritage. The show's director, Jacob Thompson, along with two cast members, Bree Hoskinson and Sarah Johnson sang and shared bits and pieces of the show with us. Just enough to pique our interest and woo us to the theatre for the complete package.

The story revolves around an unassuming English shoe salesman, played by Brett Johnson, who is forced to take the embalmed body of his recently murdered Atlantic City uncle on a vacation to Monte Carlo. Should he succeed in passing Uncle off as alive, Harry Witherspoon stands to inherit $6,000,000. If not, the money goes to the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn, or else to the gun-toting wife of the casino owner!

Thanks to these fine folks for presenting to us today. Get out to the Heritage Theatre in Perry and see the show!

Next week don't miss our District Governor, Rick Cambra.

I'll apologize in advance for the lack of info over the next couple of weeks. I'll be unable to attend on the next two Tuesdays, so hope I can get updates of club meeting to post...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday May 10, 2012

We had a good group out to Rotary today.
The decorum was generally up to par. :}

Jack Molgard allowed a quartet to sing him a Happy Birthday. Congratulations, Jack!

Sergeant-At-Arms Travis Rose rasied some funds for the Foundation while reminding Club members of the importance of keeping up on the happenings here at our official blog page. (Hint, hint)

New member Dave Rogers presented his classification speech as a CPA with the prestigious Davis and Bott CPA firm. We're excited to have him with us!

Our program was presented by former Rotarian Jenny Schultz, Chief of Operations at the local Boys and Girls Club here in Brigham City. She presented some of her own history and history of the Club as well as sharing the focus the Club has had in recent years.

The Club was started in the early 1990's by local citizens who felt the need of something more for youth to be involved in. One of the original committee was our own Past President Ann Henderson. Shortly after that initial effort, the Boys and Girls Club was officially formed in 1994 and has continued to grow. Therer are now over 1000 youth affiliated with the Club in Box Elder County.

While watching the recent decline in youth "dreams" and desire to achieve great things, the Boys and Girls Club has been challenging their youth to set goals and work toward them.

There have been tours to the local university campuses, programs focusing on eradicating bullying and overall maintaining a positive attitude toward others and themselves.

We are very fortunate to have the Boys and Girls Club in the local area, ably overseen by Jenny and her staff. Thanks, Jenny, for you contribution to our area and your presentation at Rotary.

Next week is the Administrative Assistant's Luncheon, arranged by Dr Dave Lewis. We will be entertained by the Director and cast members of the current Heritage Theatre play "Lucky Stiff".

In two weeks it will be our pleasure to hear from District Governor Rick Cambra. We're excited to finally hear from Rick as he has been very ill recently, but is now out on the road, visiting clubs and spreading the Rotary Word.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rennie Bott and Ken Kennedy were the recipients of a chorus of Happy Birthday in Club meeting today. Congratulations to both of them!

Our speaker was State Senator Peter Knudson. He shared with us a review of the most recent Utah State legislative session. Senator Knudson has now participated in 18 legislative sessions as our local Representative/Senator. We are privileged to have him in our club.

After recent redistricting, he now represents three counties: Box Elder, Cache and Tooele.

As part of his presentation, he shared information about the focus of the session and the commitment of the Legislature to maintain a balanced budget.

New funds were allocated this year to Education, Law Enforcement and Social Services.

Other projects that have been funded are:

A plan to design and rebuild the 100 South Interchange at I15. It will be a state of the art design closely resembling the Salt Lake City 600 North interchange. Anyone that has tried to get on or off the freeway at 1100 south knows how welcome that change will be.

The purchase of part of the St George Airport plateau, now that the airport has been moved. This area will be used for future Applied Technology porposes.

Funding for construction of the 10th West roadway in the Logan area.

Tourism continues to be a high priority and high revenue producer in the State along with thee increase of the Film Industry use of local areas for movie production.

Sadly, our local US Brigham City Regional Campus did not receive funding this year, but is top of the list for next year's budget.

Utah continues to lead the nation as one of the "Best Places to do Business"!

Thanks to Senator Knudson for his presentation and for his continued service as an elected representative of our area.

Nest week's program is under the direction of Lori Abraham.

In two weeks will be our Administrative Assistant's Luncheon under the direction of Dr Dave Lewis.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello! Anyone out there?

Hmmmm. Not a single taker on the proposed fine from a couple of posts ago. Makes me wonder if anyone actually reads this stuff..

That said, I propose that anyone that has not reviewed the blog in the last 30 days be fined $2.00, unless there is a vaible objection posed in club meeting this coming Tuesday.

Let's see where that takes us. :}~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Rotary Club of Brigham City
inducted a new member today!
David Rogers of Davis and Bott CPAs
has officially joined our club.

We're excited to have David with us
and look forward to his participation.

The program was presented by
Brad and Annette Barber
with a review of slides and commentary on
last year's Interact/Rotary
International Service Project to
Puerto Peñasco Mexico.

Last year, 61 teenagers and 25 adult chaperones
participated in the house building project
in conjunction with the Families Helping Familes
Foundation. What a fantastic experience for
everyone involved as we built a house for
a family in need.

This year we will be taking 200 youth and 50 adults
with the goal of building three houses
as well as providing service for local school children
in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tuesday, March 20

Today's presentation was by Chris Shaefer, author of "Bataan Diary" and the script for the World War II documentary "Forgotten Soldiers". The content of Bataan Diary comes from the actual diaries of Colonel Frank R lloyd and his wife, Evelyn, relatives of Mr Shaefer, as well as other accounts.

Forgotten Soldiers is scheduled to premier on PBS in 2013. Narrated by Lou Diamond Phillips, the story is told of General Douglas MacArthur's Phllipine Scouts who were left behind after General MacArthur was ordered to escape to Austrailia. The Scouts were a special US Army Unit composed of Filipino Soldiers and American Officers who kept the Japanese at bay at the beginning of the war.

After Gen MacArthur's departure, the Scouts were surrounded, starved out and eventually subjected to one of the worst atrocities of modern warfare - the Bataan Death March.

Mr Shaefer teaches classes on World War II and Middle East history at the Osher Learning Institute at thee University of Utah.

Thanks to President Paul Damon for arranging this very informative presentation.

Tuesday, March 13

Wow, am I embarrased! I was just on Linkedin, having a discussion about Club websites, and referred someone to this very blog. Then it occured to me that, due to a number of issues, not the least of which was the unplanned crash of my hard drive, I haven't updated the blog in a couple of weeks! I should be fined. In fact, if someone will bring this up in our next meeting, I'll gladly accept a $15 fine for my slothful behavior...

Tuesday the 13th we were pleased to hear from representatives of Honeyville Farms. Company CFO Robert Anderson and Brigham City Retail Outlet Manager Joleen Gibbons presented a history and update on the complany that was very enlightening.
Based in our own backyard, Honeyville Farms has been involved in many aspects of food production for many years and has been a major player in the supply of grains throughout not only the US, but internationally.

Their supply of grains can be found in a variety of products and brands seen everyday on grocery shelves everywhere.
Thanks to Bob and Joleen for their informative presentation!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tuesday March 6, CLUB ASSEMBLY

Club Assembly today. A lot of information shared by our Club Leadership and reminders of upcoming events and projects.

We celebrated Bob Davis' birthday with a great quartet of Rotarians serenading him.

David Rogers was presented to the Club as a new porposed Rotarian. Welcome Dave! We look forward to seeing and learning more of you!

President Damon brought us up to date on the joint project with Habitat for Humanity. Still plenty of work to get that project going.

Also noted a $500 donation by the club to the Mexico Project. 31 youth and adults from our club and the Box Elder Interact Club are scheduled to spend a week building houses in Puerto Peñasco Mexico in June this year.

We are still looking for new members and ask everyone to share the values and excitement of belonging to Rotary with their friends and associates.

President Elect Dan Hansen shared information about the PETS leadership training.

We were brought up to date about the Rotary Club 5k/10k race scheduled for April 28 around Mantua Reservoir. Posters are going up around town. This should provide us a great new fundraising opportunity.

Larry Boyer reminded everyone to look forward to next weeks presentation from Honeyville Farms. Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We welcomed a guest of Bruce Vellinga today,
David Rogers, CPA at Davis and Bott
was visiting again today.

Bob Thurgood presented a brief classification talk
along with the 4 Way Test. Bob and his wife, Bev
have lived in Perry for 7 years and were
in Syracuse prior to that.

They have four children, 3 boys and one girl.
He is self employed as a real estate developer.

He then introduced the program:
Dennis Tollen, founder of Beehive Homes,
a chain of Senior Residential Care Facilities.

Mr Tollen shared information about
Beehive Homes and the care facilities they
build and manage.

Beehive Homes was started in 1987 as a way
to provide assistance to members of
his own family.

It has since expanded to over 160 facilities
in 15 states.

The newest facility in Utah it near completion
in Perry, on the highway across from Calls Drive In.
It will supply 24 hour Senior care as well as Dementia care.

He also introduced staff members of the new facility:
John Hull, Administrator and
Amuri Balls, Staff Member

We were also happy to welcome Dennis son Eric with us.

Thanks to Bob for arranging this program
and to Dennis and the others for their presentation.

Next week is Club Assembly and in two weeks
we'll hear a presentation arranged by Larry Boyer.