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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday June 19

Our program was arranged today by Bob Thurgood.

We were honored to have Corbin Willis address us.  He is a WWII and Korean War veteran and spent time in a German concentration camp after being shot down over Europe in WWII. He shared his amazing and stirring story with us.


"When I started flying missions over Germany in July of '44, I heard there was a 91 percent attrition rate but I guess at my age I just thought I would be in the 9 percent that did make it."
His luck held out until his 22nd mission, when his plane was hit by anti-aircraft shells. He delivers a stunning story dotted with heartbreaking humor. He survived interrogation, scabies, a crippling weight loss, and a 100-mile march through the snow from one POW camp to another in Germany.
Willis's ability to survive and triumph over the experiences that followed months of hardship in overcrowded Germany POW camps, a return home to a family that thought he was dead and then service as a flight leader and test pilot in Korea are a testament to his faith, courage and belief in the future.
To view and read his handwritten account, check out this site:
We are grateful for the opportunity to hear from Mr Willis and salute him for his service and dedication to this great nation.
Don't miss the Installation Banquet next Tuesday evening at the Iron Gate Grill.

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