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That man is here for the sake of other men." ~ Albert Einstein

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sports Month Continues...

We were pleased to have Beth Gurrister, chair of the Scholarship Committee, introduce our Scholarship winners.  We heard briefly from Lexi Payne, Collin Shakespear and Whitney Collins. Great young people with a great future ahead of them.  We're so excited to hear of their enthusism and future plans.  Good luck to each of them as they continue their education.

President Paul Damon announced a number of Club donations including funds to the Mexico Trip group and the Boys & Girls Club/Fine Arts Center money raised at our 5k/10k run.

Bob Duke introduced Richard "Smitty" Smith, Director of Basketball Relations for the Utah Jazz, who gave us an update of the team, where they've been and where they are heading in the future.

Thanks to Bob and to Smitty for this informative presentation.

Next week, Ann Henderson has arranged for a representative from Questar Gas to present to the club.

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