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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saturday June 30 - Rotary Work Day!

A group of Brigham City Rotarians showed up Saturday morning, June 30 and helped with landscaping and sod for the new "WELCOME TO BRIGHAM CITY" sign at 1100 South Main.

We got an early start and accomplished our task while the temperature was only in the low 80's.

Drive by and take a look!  It's really coming together and is a great addition to the south entrance to Brigham City.

Raking rocks is much harder than it looks!
(Felt like I was in my garden)

OK. We took a couple of breaks.

Keep those grins on, ladies!

The size of the rake made no difference.

Proof of the prevailing temperature.

Ready for the big landscape rocks and sod.

Jim Moore.  Project Engineer.

And the sod begins

What a good looking crew!

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  1. This has been a great project! And a lot of cooperation from MANY agencies has happened for it to all come together. I know of the behind the scenes efforts because of watching Jim work with Brigham City, the Chamber of Commerce, Vulcraft, Bott Monument, the Golf course pro and landscapers and those who have done the letters and medallions for the sign...not only that but UDOT had to approve everything. Jim wanted this project to be completed in his Presidency year but it took over 18 months and he worked on it this entire year. This corner will really be a welcoming place for all the thousands who will be coming in August and September. Many thanks to all who have supported this effort in any way! Tere Moore