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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday May 10, 2012

We had a good group out to Rotary today.
The decorum was generally up to par. :}

Jack Molgard allowed a quartet to sing him a Happy Birthday. Congratulations, Jack!

Sergeant-At-Arms Travis Rose rasied some funds for the Foundation while reminding Club members of the importance of keeping up on the happenings here at our official blog page. (Hint, hint)

New member Dave Rogers presented his classification speech as a CPA with the prestigious Davis and Bott CPA firm. We're excited to have him with us!

Our program was presented by former Rotarian Jenny Schultz, Chief of Operations at the local Boys and Girls Club here in Brigham City. She presented some of her own history and history of the Club as well as sharing the focus the Club has had in recent years.

The Club was started in the early 1990's by local citizens who felt the need of something more for youth to be involved in. One of the original committee was our own Past President Ann Henderson. Shortly after that initial effort, the Boys and Girls Club was officially formed in 1994 and has continued to grow. Therer are now over 1000 youth affiliated with the Club in Box Elder County.

While watching the recent decline in youth "dreams" and desire to achieve great things, the Boys and Girls Club has been challenging their youth to set goals and work toward them.

There have been tours to the local university campuses, programs focusing on eradicating bullying and overall maintaining a positive attitude toward others and themselves.

We are very fortunate to have the Boys and Girls Club in the local area, ably overseen by Jenny and her staff. Thanks, Jenny, for you contribution to our area and your presentation at Rotary.

Next week is the Administrative Assistant's Luncheon, arranged by Dr Dave Lewis. We will be entertained by the Director and cast members of the current Heritage Theatre play "Lucky Stiff".

In two weeks it will be our pleasure to hear from District Governor Rick Cambra. We're excited to finally hear from Rick as he has been very ill recently, but is now out on the road, visiting clubs and spreading the Rotary Word.

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