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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rennie Bott and Ken Kennedy were the recipients of a chorus of Happy Birthday in Club meeting today. Congratulations to both of them!

Our speaker was State Senator Peter Knudson. He shared with us a review of the most recent Utah State legislative session. Senator Knudson has now participated in 18 legislative sessions as our local Representative/Senator. We are privileged to have him in our club.

After recent redistricting, he now represents three counties: Box Elder, Cache and Tooele.

As part of his presentation, he shared information about the focus of the session and the commitment of the Legislature to maintain a balanced budget.

New funds were allocated this year to Education, Law Enforcement and Social Services.

Other projects that have been funded are:

A plan to design and rebuild the 100 South Interchange at I15. It will be a state of the art design closely resembling the Salt Lake City 600 North interchange. Anyone that has tried to get on or off the freeway at 1100 south knows how welcome that change will be.

The purchase of part of the St George Airport plateau, now that the airport has been moved. This area will be used for future Applied Technology porposes.

Funding for construction of the 10th West roadway in the Logan area.

Tourism continues to be a high priority and high revenue producer in the State along with thee increase of the Film Industry use of local areas for movie production.

Sadly, our local US Brigham City Regional Campus did not receive funding this year, but is top of the list for next year's budget.

Utah continues to lead the nation as one of the "Best Places to do Business"!

Thanks to Senator Knudson for his presentation and for his continued service as an elected representative of our area.

Nest week's program is under the direction of Lori Abraham.

In two weeks will be our Administrative Assistant's Luncheon under the direction of Dr Dave Lewis.

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