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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012

Brigham City Rotary Club met today with a near full house!
Birthdays celebrated today were:
Brad Barber
Larry Boyer
Les Dunn
Beth Gurrister
Dan Hansen
Happy Birthday, Rotarians!

Rotarian Les Dunn arranged for our program today. Our Speaker was Katie McVey, Deputy Director of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

Katie is from North Central Wisconsin and has a Master in Raptor Biology from Boise State. She presented historical and other information about the local bird refuge.

1928 - The Refuge was formed by an act of Congress
1929 - Refuge first staffed
1982 - A brand new visitors center was built following years of growth in both size and opportunity but also in reputation throughout the world.
1983 - Refuge and visitor center buildings destroyed by flood waters
1990 - Efforts began again to reclaim the refuge for visitors having been abandoned since 1983
2006 - New Visitors Center built on West Forest Dtreet run completely from solar power
2011 - West Forest road access reopened

The refuge is the home or stopover of over 250 species of birds throughout the year. Besides being a stopover for migratory birds, it is also a great hunting and fishing area.

The refuge sponsors an education program aimed at Preschool, 4th grade and High School aged youth, including the Youth Conservation Corps

Find out more at: www.fws.gov/bearriver and http://www.fobrr.org/

Join us next week for Steve Vincents program featuring a representative from the Brigham City Fine Arts Center

In two weeks, we will hear from Judge Ben Hadfield, arranged by Jeremy Barber

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