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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tue Jan 17, 2012

It was a cold January day, but Rotarians met as always on Tuesday. Our program today was arranged by Rotarian Steve Vincent and was a rpesentation from the Brigham City Fine Arts Center and Fine Arts Council. Representing the group were Directors Jennifer Delaney and Hal Allen.

Also presenting at the meeting was Executive Director Susan Niedert, shown below with her side kick, Marva.

The Brigham City Fine Arts Council and Center, a 501c (3) non profit organization, have occupied their current location on 100 West since 1999 and provide numerous programs and events for the local community, dedicated to developing an appreciation for the arts in northern Utah. Over 3100 volunteer hours were given in 2011.

The center had over 1500 participants last year in various programs including:

Art Classes
Art Camps
Theater School
Music Instruction space
The Puppetry Outreach Program
Puppet Story Time
The World of Puppetry Museum
The Peach Days Melodrama
Music Concerts and Oepn Mic night at the Fine Arts Center

Over 450 people use the facility weekly for a variety of functions and it is available for rent from the Council.

As the Center continues to grow, there is an ever present need for suuport from the local community to keep it a viable operation, both in volunteers and in funding.

Thanks to the Brigham City Fine Arts Council and Center for their very informative program today.

Next week join us for Judge Ben Hadfield, arranged by Rotarian Jeremy Barber.

Program in two weeks is arranged by Rotarian Dennis Fife.

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