"From the standpoint of daily life, there is one thing we do know:
That man is here for the sake of other men." ~ Albert Einstein

Monday, September 13, 2010


Another Peach Days has come and gone!

It fell on September 11 this year
and there was no shortage of flags flying!

Brigham City Fire Department
displayed this huge beauty on their ladder truck
at the end of the parade.

Club President Jim Moore and his wife
Club member Tere Moore
sold over 1100 tickets between the two of them!
Nice job!

Thanks to all who were involved in the selling
of raffle tickets for our big fundraiser of the year.
And the winners are:

$1000 Kents Certificates - Lorri Allen of Perry
$500 Les Schwab - Kim Bott of Brigham City
(Represented by her husband DJ)
$350 Walmart - Jack Molgard of Brigham City
$200 Maddox - Chelsa Johnson from California


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