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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Aug 6 - Club Assembly

We met today in club assembly and discussed a number of business items. 

One of the important items was a discussion of the Peach Days float and the need to seriously consider an upgrade to the float.  We have been pulling the float in the Peach days parade for many years, and have recently begun sharing it with the Ogden Club.  But time has not been kind to it, thus the need for the upgrade.

It was decided that the float committee will do some sprucing up this year and then take seriously the prospect of a complete overhaul next year, possibly with help from surrounding clubs, offering them the opportunity to use it in their local parades.

Along those lines, we were presented with the Peach Days Raffle tickets in preparation for the big fund raiser.  Only four weeks till Peach Days and lots of tickets to sell!

If you didn't make it to Rotary today, get in touch with Dan Price to pick up your allotment of tickets and get busy selling.

A reminder was made of upcoming meetings:

* Rotarians and Sons next week with Robby Gunther, Box Elder High School football coach

* Special membership meeting in two weeks with Brad and Annette Barber presenting on our service trip to Puerto Peñasco Mexico last month - Remember to invite a non-Rotarian to meeting and invite them to join the club

* In three weeks will be our annual Club Steak Fry at Rotarian Dave Lewis' home.  Always lots of good food and fellowship.

Hope to see each of you soon at any and all of the above events!

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