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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Academy Square and a New Hotel

Mayor Dennis Fife spoke to the club today about the progress on the Academy Square and Hampton Inn hotel project.  He reviewed the process and the milestones that have been taken since the city purchased the building. As well as the remaining hurdles needed to cross to finish up the project, including a couple of pieces of property needed to complete the "square" that are still "in negotiations".

Mayor Fife also explained more detail of the no interest loan that is being made available, explaining that the funds aren't from the City, but from the USDA and funneled through the city.  City's smaller than 25000 residents qualify for, and are receiving these funds for economic development.

Currently, Hampton Inn is looking to break ground as soon as August and hopes to be a functional hotel by May of next year. And an "as yet unnamed" restaurant is looking at building as part of the project. The ultimate goal is a central focal point to Brigham City that could help with downtown revitalization.

From the City's website, an artists conception of the Academy building is viewable here:


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