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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday Sept 6

We heard from Dr Tom Lee,
Dean of the USU Brigham City Regional Campus
and he shared with us a presentation
about the long term plans
USU has for the recently purchased land in the Southeast
part of Brigham City. (The old Indian School property)

He provided a number of artist renderings
of the proposed layout
including a closeup of the proposed
new Academic Building.
They're hoping to name the extension of Fishburn Drive
"Aggie Boulevard"

The proposed Acedemic Building
will hold office and classroom space.
Approximately 60,000 square feet,
slightly larger than the existing 100 South space.
Intent will be to continue using the 1100 South location
until a second building can be built,
then move everything to the new space.

What a great addition to the Southeast end of Brigham City
and a very promising long term plan for the regional campus.
Thanks, Dr Lee, for your presentation!

Next week invite a friend to a special membership meeting.

And get those Peach Days tickets sold!!

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