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That man is here for the sake of other men." ~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the Road Again.... TUE August 9

Sorry for my absence. It's been a wild summer...

Last week we heard from Matthew Kennedy on his
service in Uganda. I was unable to attend and received
to photos or updates. I'm sure it was a great program!

We had a couple of guests today, besides our speaker:
Kayson Hester, great nephew and guest of Annette McFarlane and
Gary Thompson, guest of Jeff Scott.
Glad to have you both with us today!

Bob Davis admirably filled the Sergeant-At-Arms position.
No fines were levied and he reported
the group was well behaved for the day.

Fellowship: President Paul Damon reported on the
marriage of his son.

Richard Scott introduced our guest speaker for the day
Andrew Johnson, Marketing Director for
Miller Motorsports Park presented a review
of the Sports Park and it's many attractions.

He also brought one of the Sports Park pace cars with him.

He also shared a great video about the
Ford High Performance Driving School
Available at the Park

Thanks to Andrew for his time and presentation!

Next week is Rotarian and Sons
Two weeks: CLUB Assembly
Three weeks: Rotary Steak Fry at President Damon's Home

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