"From the standpoint of daily life, there is one thing we do know:
That man is here for the sake of other men." ~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TUE Mar 15

Dan Price brrought a guest, Tyson Luthi
Great to have you with us, Tyson!

A reminder was made of the

orange sales fundraiser to help those youth
that are attending the Mexico project.
Anyone interested in a case of fresh oranges
can contact Jim or Tere Moore.

Rae Riser provided fellowship information and

Larry Boyer extracted a few dollars for
the Rotary Foundation.

Our speaker was Representative Lee Perry

who shared informaation and insight about the
recent Utah Legislative Session.
He discussed a number of items including
immigration reform and GRAMA law changes.

He shared the top three budget items

1. Education
2. Medicaid
3. Higer Education

We have great representation in the Legislature

with Representative Perry
as well as Rotarian Senator Pete Knudson.
Thanks, gentlemen, for all you do!

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