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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Nov 9, 2010 - Engineers Without Borders

We had a great turn out at club meeting today with almost every chair filled!

Rotarian Doug Beezer shared his Classification Talk today. Doug graduated from USU and is continuing to pursue a Masters Degree there. He is also the Advertising Manager for the Box Elder News Journal. He is married and has two children with a third on the way.
It was great to get to know Doug a little better.

Rae Riser was unable to attend today so we missed her fellowship items. We'll look forward to seeing her next week!

Travis Rose took over the duties of Sergeant-at-Arms in Larry Boyer's absence. It was a good day to be at Rotary as there were no fines issued and a credit provided to each of our Rotarian veterans in honor of Veterans Day coming this week.

We had the pleasure of hearing from Danny and Betsy Ryan, representatives of Engineers Without Borders. A national organization whose aim is to provide sustainable projects in third world countries.

Ryan is an engineering student at USU. Through EWB, he and Betsy have been involved with an orphanage in Masaka Uganda since 2005.

Last Rotary year, our club donated $500 to EWB and we were pleased to view a presentation of some of the things they were involved in this last summer.

Their current project is with the Byana Mary Hill school and orphanage. This last year they were involved in providing a fish pond as a source of revenue and food for the school.

They also helped construct a new latrine facility and placed internet nodes in the school to help with education of the students.

Their next plans at the school include continuing to improve water quality, constructing handwashing stations for the students as well as improved shower facilities. Each of these projects helps the school better prepare to qualify for local government grants that will greatly inprove the quality of life for the 500 students at the school.

As Danny and Betsy were leaving, they promised to forward a copy of the "Thank You" song video presented by the students. Once I receive it, I will attach it as part of this post. It was wonderful!

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