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That man is here for the sake of other men." ~ Albert Einstein

Friday, July 3, 2009

Installation Banquet

On June 29th the Brigham City Rotary club held their annual installation banquet at the Maddox Lodge. We celebrated last years achievements and ushered in the new year.

2008-2009 President – Ann Henderson
Ann shared with us highlights from last year.

2008-2009 Board Members: David Farnes, Director, Bruce Vellinga, Secretary, Jodi McFall, Treasurer, Paul Damon, Director, Brad Barber, President Elect. Missing from the picture are Richard Spuhler, Director, Faylene Brown, Director, Dee MacKay, Past President, Jim Moore, President Elect Nominee.
A big thanks to last years board members for their hard work and dedication.

Annette Macfarlane was inducted as a new member. Annette is the Executive Director of the YCU (Your Community in Unity).

We welcomed the 2009-2010 board members.

2009-2010 Directors – Dan Hansen, Paul Damon, Dan Price. Missing from the picture Faylene Brown.

2009-2010 Secretary – Bruce Vellinga

2009-2010 Treasurer – Jodi McFall

2009-2010 President – Brad Barber

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